Trust the Original Ear Washer Inventors

For over 20 years, Doctor Easy ear washers have been trusted by medical professionals for treating built-up earwax. Doctor Easy ear washers, starting with the original Elephant Ear Washer, was invented by a doctor who saw a need for a better method of treating patients’ earwax impactions. With the Elephant Ear Washer, Doctor Easy invented the ear washer product category, providing an effective and simple solution for in clinic earwax removal. Our ear washers are available to both medical professionals and consumers.

Other ear washer products created by Doctor Easy are the Rhino Ear Washer, featuring a shorter nozzle for one-handed use, and the Wax-Rx; a consumer version of the Rhino, specifically made for removing earwax at home. Doctor Easy’s latest product release is the Earvana Soothing Ear Rinse, featuring a Vitamin C formula to help those dealing with dry, itchy ear skin.

Doctor Easy Products:

Elephant Ear Washer - Doctor Easy’s original ear washer product, made for safe and effective ear cleaning and used in clinics across the country. We invented the ear washer product category! 

Rhino Ear Washer - Similar to the Elephant Ear Washer, the Rhino Ear Washer provides the same safe and effective ear washing benefits, but has a shorter nozzle for one-handed use.

Wax-Rx - The Wax-Rx is modeled after the Rhino Ear Washer, but comes with everything you need to remove earwax at home, saving you the trip to the doctor. 

Earvana Ear Wash by Wax-Rx - Doctor Easy’s newest product, the Earvana Ear Wash is a gentle and soothing ear cleansing system with a Vitamin C formula for dry, itchy ear skin itch.

With many cheap knock-offs and ineffective ear cleaning gimmicks on the market, Doctor Easy is proud to have invented and continue providing the original ear washer to doctors and consumers, trusted for over 20 years.